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How non-EU workers can work in Italy.


The entry in Italy for foreign citizens from non-EU countries, for reasons of  non-seasonal or seasonal work or for subordinate work, takes mainly place within the scope of the percentage of entrance fixed by the so-called “decreto flussi” (flow decree).


But regardless of what is established by the flow decree, there is no numerical limit for the entry in Italy of all managers and all skilled workers.


For these persons, the request of no impediment for work is replaced by a simple communication presented, electronically, to the Single Desk for Immigration.

This simplified procedure does not require the opinion of the Territorial Labor Inspectorate, but only of the Police Headquarters.

The communication is therefore directly transmitted to the Italian diplomatic-consular representation abroad, competent for the worker's residence, for the purpose of issuing the relative entry visa.

For particular categories of workers, exceptional procedures are envisaged for the issue of work authorizations.

For work reasons, individuals who fall into the following categories can enter Italy, for work reasons, in addition to the annual quotas, by way of indication:


Executives or highly specialized personnel (with work experience of alost six months). The transfer can have a maximum duration of 5 years. At the end, it is possible to be hired on a fixed or permanent basis in the company where he worked in Italy;


Professional training people authorized to reside for professional training reasons, who carry out temporary training periods with Italian employers;


Specialized workers posted in Italy

The authorization to work, the entry visa and the residence permit are issued for the time strictly necessary to carry out the work or to provide the service;


Researchers with a PhD or higher education qualification.


Professional nurses employed in public and private healthcare centres.


Healthcare centres can hire nurses, even for an indefinite period, through a specific process.


Special conditions are envisaged for seasonal work in the agricultural and tourism/hotel sectors.


How to get a visa

To find out how to get a visa to enter Italy, visit the site  By indicating your citizenship, your country of permanent residence, the duration and the reason for your stay in Italy, you can check if you need to obtain a visa to enter Italy.


Where is the visa application presented?

The visa application must be submitted to the visa office of the Italian Embassy or Consulate of your place of permanent residence.

By connecting to the site “” you can find the contact details of the office where you must submit the visa application. Just select the country where you reside and click on the "Confirm" button.


What documents do I need to apply for a visa?

Visit the website “” indicating your citizenship, your country of permanent residence, the duration and motivation of the stay in Italy, for each type of visa you will also find information on the documentation to be presented.



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